Alvines Taylor

Alvines Anna (Malone) Taylor was born on Valentines Day! She was born in Shawano, Wisconsin to the late Arthur and Cleo (Welch) Malone. She was raised on the Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation with her 7 brothers and 3 sisters. Her brothers are Vint, Roger, Randy, Shelly, Mar, Tim, and Todd Malone. She has one living sister; Loretta Pecore and two sisters have passed on, Evon Lasher and Violet Hill.

Alvines, who is usually called Venny moved to Milwaukee after she graduated from Bowler School. She married James (Jim) Taylor. They have been happily married for 36 years. They have three daughters, Kim Taylor, Selena Taylor and Tessa Paiser. They have six Grandchildren, Taylor and Sahara Burr, Kendra and Bailey Fish and Justice an Taylyn Paiser.

Venny is currently employed at the Stockbridge-Munsee health and Wellness Center. She works as a pharmacy Tech. She has worked there for fifteen years. When Venny was asked about her job she said, "I am proud of being in the job that I am in and enjoy what I do.
Venny enjoys sewing, making crafts, and playing bingo. "What I love to do the most is spend time with my family and play with all my grandchildren," She commented. When asked about her accomplishments Venny said, "I am proud that I graduated from high school, I was the only one in my family to get a high school diploma, I am also proud of my children I am proud of the way I raised my daughters and proud of the morals and values were passed down from my parents."

Venny has not done any extensive traveling. She has never left the country. " I do remember when Jim used to drive semi and I went with him to Texas. We took Tessa with us and we stopped in a few places." She explained.

She had a lot of memories of her parents that she shared. " I miss my ma and daddy. I wish they were here to meet their great grandchildren. I remember once when I was a little girl my ma told me to go find her a switch. So I went and looked for one, when I found one I took it to her and she used it on me. It was the only spanking I ever remember getting. Now days you can’t spank a kid without getting in trouble. Sometimes that’s all they need is a good swat on the butt," she reminisced.

In closing she said, " The young kids out there now days need to stay in school and get an education. You need to get that schooling done because you can’t make it out in the real world without a good job. Life is expensive and having a good job makes things a whole lot easier."