Berga Burr

Berga is 81 years old she was born in Morgan. Berga is the daughter of Mary and Louis Burr. Berga grew up on a farm in Morgan. She remembers planting and hoeing in her small garden where they grew vegetables. Berga is one of sixteen children. She has 10 brothers and 5 sisters. 

Berga went to school in Gresham and she had one year of high school in Bowler. Berga had worked in the shipyard during the war. She remembers painting the insides of the ships yellow after the men would wipe them down. For one week Berga remembers doing some welding in the shipyard. After retuning from the shipyard Berga went to work in Shawano where she did some painting.

Although Berga was never married she once had a roommate whom she cared for and lived with for 22 years, his name was Lawrence Bellinger. Berga talks a lot about her family, especially her sisters and brothers. She remembers a time when one of her sisters had mentioned her name over the radio. Berga was proud that her sister had done so.

Berga likes to listen to the radio and watch television. She enjoys watching the church channel. And every time she gets the chance Berga enjoys going to church. Berga attends the Lutheran Church in Morgan along with her sister Leona Bowman. 

During the day Berga enjoys spending time with her sister. Berga said it makes her feel good to know where she is and how she is doing. One of the most important things to Berga is her family. Berga has a picture of all her sisters and brothers along with her folks, this picture she treasures and she is very proud of.