Brenda Malone Curtis

Brenda was born in Shawano, WI. She is the daughter of Sophrona (Doxtator) and Otho Malone. Brenda was raised in Morgan Siding. She attended Morgan school and Gresham School.

Some memories she has, as a child was going swimming at Mission lake. She also remembers at the age of 10, she was riding on a little pony of her neighbors. She wasn’t paying attention and hit a clothesline and knocked her right off of the pony. "I forgot to duck!" Brenda said.

She also remembers another time while living in Morgan, Behind Berga Burr’s house, She touched an electric wire and hung on to it until the whole fence broke, and then she eventually fell off. Some places Brenda has traveled to include: Texas, Indiana, New Mexico, and Chicago. Things she is most proud of include getting her drivers license and her GED.

Today, Brenda enjoys her nine children and nine grandchildren. Her hobbies include cooking and crocheting. Advice she has for the youth include when things seem impossible, just keep trying. "Pray to god and never give up, and everything will work out."

(A special thank you goes to Brenda’s brother, Wayne Malone for contributing to this section. If you know of an elder that you feel should be part of the Getting to know our elders section, Please contact Mohican News Department at 793-4396. They  will provide you with a basic questionnaire to follow for an interview with your elder)