Dick Miller

Dick Miller was born to Arvid and Bernice (Davids) Miller. Dick was born and raised on the Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation. He was born in a family of nine. His brothers and sisters were: Alfred, Arvid Jr. (Babe), Linda, Sheila, Leah, Molly, Kristy, Carl and Tammy.

As a kid growing up he enjoyed life on the Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation just as any youngster did in them days. Some of his favorite memories as a child were hanging out with his buddies at the Many Trails Park on the Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation. He also enjoyed playing baseball, which was a favorite of many boys at the time. Because it took so long to walk anywhere Dick enjoy riding his bike, which was also a favorite thing to do for him.

Another thing Dick enjoyed was when his brothers and sisters would gather at their mom and dads house almost every weekend. He liked it when everyone would get together it was always a great time for him.

Dick attended Bowler School, where he graduated. Bowler School was the local school for all the ‘rez’ kids so Dick enjoyed going to school because he liked hanging out with his friends and just being with other kids. One thing that Dick did not like about school was getting up in the morning to actually go to school.

After high school Dick served in the United States Army. He was in the Army  stationed at Fort Eustis Virginia. Dick was a Personnel Specialist. He said he wasn’t cut out for the Military but he was proud to serve his country. While in the Army he received an Army Commendation Medal. After the Army Dick worked in the construction trade. He was lucky enough to get accepted into the Operating Engineer Apprenticeship Program. 30 years later Dick Retired.

Dick married Patricia Beilke. They have been happily married for 36 years with three daughters. Dick and Patricia met when they were in the first grade at Bowler School. The chemistry must have been right because they are still happy and together.

Dick and Patricia started a business called Headquarters Resale and Crafts. They enjoyed shopping at rummage sales and household auctions, and established a business with the items found at those events. After many requests from customers to add items such as milk, bread and cigarettes they had the idea to add a grocery line to their selection of resale items and craft supplies.

Over time the grocery line expanded and resale was no longer a part of the inventory; so the name of the business was changed to Headquarters General Store. Also the items that were sold focused on being gift items, hand made crafts from local artists on the Stockbridge and Menominee Reservations and the craft supplies for beadwork and leatherwork. Headquarters General Store has been primarily a family run business. It has also provided part-time employment for others as well. For the last 13 years Dick and Patricia have enjoyed their family run business.

Dick is very proud of all of his daughters and loves them very much. They are Janet, Amanda and Myra. Dick also has three grandchildren whom he loves and enjoys being around very much. His three grandchildren are BriAnne, Seth and Nathaniel. When his children were younger Dick enjoyed watching them show him the new things they learned and he now enjoys watching what his grandchildren learn. He enjoyed being around them and loves their company as he does now.

Dick enjoys traveling when he has the chance. But one thing he enjoys very much is always coming home. His most recent trip was his most memorable. He took a trip out west to see the Grand Canyon. He enjoyed it very much.

Now Dick enjoys being the Maintenance person at Head Quarters General Store. He also enjoys learning his newest challenge, which is being the newly elected councilperson. Dick ran for council with the feeling that he has acquired some helpful insight in his years working away from the community. He felt his experience working in business would benefit the community. The members of the Stockbridge-Munsee Community felt the same way because they elected him for a year term on the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council. Dick is proud to have been elected by the people and vows to do his best for the community.

With all the he has to do in his spare time Dick enjoys traveling, talking with people and working on cars. He seems to find time to have a very happy and active lifestyle.

Dick’s Lesson for the youth is this: "You can learn from everybody around you, don’t be in such a rush! Stop! Listen! And take the time to READ! These things will further your education on a daily basis."