Doreen Metzger

Doreen Davids Metzger was born in the town of Red Springs.Her parents are Dudley and Lila (Miller) Davids. Doreen's siblings were Roland (Buddy), Leroy (Oscar), Norma (Bridgie) an Carmen (whose nickname was to be Hortense, but it never stuck). "My father had a great sense of humor and he always named us kids before we were born. That's how we got those strange nicknames," she said.

"My father loved to golf, he died on the golf course – so we know he died happy," Doreen explained. My mother remarried after my father died, she was born a Miller, and died a Hiller," Doreen chuckled.

Married 53 years to Charles (Chuck) Metzger, Doreen said she met her husband in High School. She was in orchestra and Chuck was in Band. Well they needed two string basses and two violins so she was called upon to play with the band. "And that’s how we met," she explained.

Doreen and Chuck have three children, Patricia, Scott, and Gary. They have six grandchildren, Becky, Andy, Jim, Justin, Joshua, and Kara.

"When I was born, we lived in a little log cabin over there across the road from the old mission church. When I was eight, we moved into a brand new house. It was one of those field stone houses built under the WPA. We lived there three years before we moved to Milwaukee," Doreen said.

When she lived in Red Springs, Doreen went to Elm Grove Public School. She then spent two years attending the mission school on the reservation, then she went to Saint Stevens Catholic Grade School all the way through eighth grade, and then rode the street car to Bay View High School.

She talked about, Mr. Lessman, one of her instructors at Saint Stevens. "I knew we were underprivileged when I was attending school up on the rez. First of all, there were only two teachers, with four grades in each class. For example, we only had one Geography book, and the teacher at that time had to copy the information from the book onto the chalkboard and we had to write it word for word in our notes. When I got to Saint Stevens, I was in 6th grade and I was behind. Mr. Lessman helped me get caught up and I’ll always remember him for that. He was a good man," Doreen recalled.

Doreen loves to swim. As a child she swam at Mission Lake, and then in the river here on the rez after they moved into the stone house. And today, she has a swimming pool in her back yard.

She worked for Goodwill Industries’ National Office and later retired from Allen Bradley. Since her retirement, Doreen’s been helping her husband, Chuck, with his Tax Business. She said, "I’m not going to do that anymore, I don’t want to go to anymore seminars to get updated on the new tax laws." However, she said she’s very proud that she was part of starting the business. She’s also proud of her volunteer work; she works with Martin Luther High School helping them with their rummage sales, and she’s taught Sunday school and vacation bible school for 35 years. Doreen also visits local grade schools and talks to children about Stockbridge-Munsee history.

Travel has been a big part of Doreen and Chuck’s lives. They’ve traveled to 48 different countries, and recently traveled to six more. They recently went to Africa and visited Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Egypt, and Botswana. "But my favorite place that we have visited so far was Alaska. The whole family, my kids and grandkids all were there. It was so beautiful there and so nice to have them all there with us," she said.

"One memorable event in my life was when I used to go to the mission school. I used to cut across a field to get to school. Well, it was snowing and I got about halfway across the field and I got stuck and I couldn’t move my legs. I just stood there and cried. My Grandpa Miller was staying with us at the time and he just happened to come out and see me, so he rescued me," Doreen said.

Advice Doreen has for the youth, "Stay in school. Study hard. Because you are forever learning."