Culturally Relevant Resources for Classroom Teachers


Native Land Map, Discover whose native lands are found specific to your state, such as Wisconsin, the United States, and the North American continent using this interactive map. To use it, just enter a zip code or community name. You can choose to add territories, languages, or treaties to the map.

Poetry Lesson, In deceptively simple prose and verse, Louis V. "Two Shoes" Clark III shares his life story, from childhood on the Rez, through school and into the working world, and ultimately as an elder, grandfather, and published poet.  “How to Be an Indian in the 21st Century” explores Clark’s deeply personal and profound take on a wide range of subjects. Warm, plain spoken, and wryly funny, Clark’s is a unique voice talking frankly about a culture’ s struggle to maintain its heritage. His poetic storytelling style matches the rhythm of the life he recounts, what he calls "the heartbeat of my nation."

How to Be an Indian in the 21st Century by Louis V. Clark III (Two Shoes)

Teaching Materials: Indian Nations of Wisconsin 2nd Edition, Designed exclusively for educators in the secondary classroom, each chapter is presented through the lens of the "Understanding by Design" lesson plan framework.


Chief Ninham: Forgotten Hero

Mama's Little One

Red Brethren:  The Brothertown and Stockbridge Indians and the Problem of Race in Early America

A Nation of Statesmen:  The Political Culture of the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohicans, 1815-1972

Electra Quinney: Stockbridge Teacher

Classroom Activities on Chippewa Treaty Rights (1991) Bulletin #2150

Classroom Activities on Wisconsin Indian Treaties and Tribal Sovereignty (1996) Bulletin #6156

Indian Nations of Wisconsin: Histories of Endurance and Renewal (Revised 2nd Edition) with a lesson plan framework