Eleanor Martin

Greetings friends!  I am Eleanor Rose (Hammer) Martin. My parents, Louis Hammer and Sophronia (Doxtator) Hammer were at home with my grandmother, Rose Doxtator, about one half mile from County Road 'A', at the entrance to the S/M reservation, when I made my arrival.  Grandma helped Doctor Litzen deliver me. I was raised here and there, but our home was always the reservation, although we lived like nomads.  I began my school years at the Elm Grove School when I was four years old. I think I was so mean that Ma and Pa kicked me out early!  I attended schools in Door County, Outagamie County, Brown County, Menominee County, The short-lived Stockbridge Munsee School, and Bowler. 

When I was ten years old, I overheard the adults talking about Harvey Martin being a prisoner of the Japanese, and I said to them "I am going to marry Harvey Martin", and we stayed married 50 years.  During this time we had five sons, and four daughters, Gregory, Jahne, Bill, Robert, and Darwin, Carole, Mary, Sandra, and Lisa.  We also had the privilege of having my niece, Amber, with us for some of her childhood years. I have fourteen grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren, at last count, things can change quickly you know! 

I enjoy doing the same things I did fifty years ago-some I can only think about! I read, sew, and rest more than I used to, I am happiest when someone stops in to visit.  I like to cook if there is someone to eat what I cook.  I have been blessed with family and friends who keep me from getting too lonesome. I can't think of any thing that I have accomplished that is worthy of mention. I am proud of my family, warts and all.

I haven't done much traveling, because I like to be close to home. Sort of like a chicken, when it's dark I want to roost in my own space. I was proud to be invited to attend a blessing ceremony at Ground Zero, in NY, very impressive!

What lesson/advice do I have for youth? Be yourself, go for good things, learn while you can, don't be afraid to work hard and do a days work.  Remember that when you get to the end, it won't be the voice of your enemies that you remember, it will be the silence of your friends.  Some great man said that, and it has been true for me. 

"Any funny stories" from my life? I have had a wonderful time for the past years, and laughed a lot, with nine children and umteen grandchildren, life is filled with funny things. Wait for the movie!