Eva Jean Bowman

Eva was born in Keshena WI; her parents are Lyle and Rose Bowman. She grew up in Milwaukee with her parents; they also had a summer home in the town of Red Springs.

While living in Milwaukee Eva went to Custer High School. She said she enjoyed school there very much. As a child growing up Eva recalls how she liked to watch Lawrence Welk on television. She also said that as a child she enjoyed dancing with her parents and grandmother.

Eva also attended Nebraska Indian Community College where she earned her associate in Child Development. She also attended College of Menominee Nation in Keshena WI. Eva currently has an AA Degree in Education as well as and early Childhood Specialist Degree.

Eva was married and divorced, but from her marriage she had one daughter and eight grandchildren. She is very thankful and proud of her grandchildren and daughter. Her daughter and grandchildren currently reside in Winnebago, Nebraska.

Eva began her career  when she started to work in the Native American Headstart Program. She is currently the director of the Stockbridge-Munsee Headstart Program. Eva enjoys her job at the Headstart very much; she said she enjoys working with the young children and families.

One of Eva’s biggest accomplishments and what she is very proud of is her book she wrote. Her book is titled. "Chief Ninham Forgotten Hero." Eva wrote the story after attending a Stockbridge Munsee History class. The teacher in the class told a very good story of Daniel Ninham and his Stockbridge Warriors. She enjoyed the story very much and it made her proud to be part of the Stockbridge Munsee tribe. After this she decided to write the book. The students of Bowler Elementary School illustrated the book for Eva. With her book Eva hopes to help the children of the community to understand their Mohican history and not forget the Native heroes, she stated in her author’s preface of the book.

Eva says that education and the youth of the tribe is very important. She would like the youth to remember their history as well as their education. Eva said, "Respect others and yourself, believe in God and your life will be fulfilled with happiness." She said this is a lesson for the youth to remember.