Gaynor Stephenson

Gaynor Mae Stephenson was born in Red Springs. Her parents are the late Arnold Miller and Lydia Huntington. She grew up in Red Springs with her four sisters and one brother. Her family lived in Red Springs until she was four and then they moved to Sturgeon Bay.

She attended Gresham School until she moved to Sturgeon Bay. Gaynor graduated from Sturgeon Bay High School. Her father  leaving her mother with four young children and one on the way. Gaynor said that five years after her father died her mother married Jason Church and they moved to Sturgeon Bay.

As a child growing up in Gresham and Sturgeon Bay Gaynor recalls playing with her brother and sisters. She said that they didn’t have a TV or anything like that so they had to play pretend games and look for something to do. When they lived out in the country they found a lot of stuff to do. Her brother was the late Bruce, and her sisters include Claudett Weiterman, Andrea Smith, Marsha Toohey, and Patty Exford.

Gaynor said that when she lived in Sturgeon Bay she had to make her own money to buy school clothes and other things she needed. Gaynor said that she would pick cherries during the summer and baby sit on her free time to make extra money. She said that she also worked at a local store in Sturgeon Bay and that she enjoyed working very much.

Gaynor married the late Guy Stephenson. They bought a cottage in Shawano so they could have a summer home. Her husband passed away from a heart attack. After her husband passed away she had to work to pay off the cottage. Gaynor and her husband had three boys from their marriage, Glenn, Gary and Gregg.

Gaynor now works at the Mohican North Star Casino as a Key Custodian. She has worked at the casino for the last ten years and she says that she loves it there. In her free time she likes to watch Home and Garden TV, she also likes to read biographies about famous people. Gaynor is also on the Mohican Family Center Board.

Gaynor said that if she could tell the youth of the community something it would be for them to keep caring for each other. She said that when she moved back here it made her so happy that the community took her in she was gone for so many years and was very surprised and happy of how the community accepted her again. She said that she wants to see that keep happening among the youth.