Gordon Shepard

Gordon was born in Morgan Siding. He is the son of the late Mr. And Mrs. Harry Shepard. Gordon attended the white school in Red Springs for about eight years. After which time he went to Gresham where he attended and graduated high school.

After high school Gordon worked some local jobs before moving to Milwaukee to look for work. Gordon was inducted at Camp McCoy. Shortly afterwards Gordon was transferred to Scott Air Force Base in Belleville, Illinois; where he was suppose to remain as a permanent party until after the war.

During his time in Illinois Gordon met Mary Lois (Sunderland). The two began dating after meeting  at the USO Center. They were married  in Delhi, Illinois.

Gordon was sent oversees. His wife remained in Illinois with her family. Gordon joined the 9th Air Force in Europe; he spent his first nine months in England. While in England Sergeant Shepard worked as a dispatcher.

Gordon was sent to France on D-Day, he remained in France for the next nine months. Upon leaving France Gordon was sent to Germany where he became a part of the U.S. Army of Occupation. After six months Gordon had accumulated enough points to be honorably discharged, and  he was on his way home.

Upon returning to the states Gordon realized that he would like to go back to school. He enrolled and attended school briefly at Washington University, before transferring to St. Louis University. Gordon attended school in St. Louis for the next two years.

After two years in college Gordon decided to look for work, then he and his wife returned to Delhi and built a home. Delhi is where Gordon and Mary Lois’s two sons were born, Randall and Terry. Gordon was interested in sales and tried selling door to door for a while before becoming a city mail carrier in Jerseyville, Illinois. Gordon remained a city mail carrier for 18 years.

After a knee injury left Gordon unable to continue as a mail carrier Gordon was reminded of a promise he had made to God several years earlier. At age 13 while attending the Crescent Lake Bible Camp Gordon made a commitment to God that he would "like to minister to the Stockbridgers."

Gordon wasn’t immediately able to return to Wisconsin to fulfill his commitment, but he was however being prepared to do so; as he led Christian youth services, taught Sunday School, directed church choirs, and serving as a supply minister in local churches.

In 1972 Gordon and his wife moved to Medora. Gordon was called upon to serve as an interim Pastor of a local Baptist Church, as the churche’s own pastor was to undergo heart surgery. Shortly after the pastor returned to the church he decided he would go back to the seminary for more training, and Gordon was called upon once again. This time Gordon was contacted about being a full-time Pastor for the Church. In December of 1972 Gordon received his ordination.

Some thirty years after first attending college Gordon felt the time was right for him to return. After many nights and weekends Gordon graduated from college with a Bachelor of Liberal studies.

That same year Gordon and his wife traveled to the res for a visit. While there they held a back yard bible school. On the last night of their visit one of the residents mentioned to Gordon and his wife the need for a new church on the res. While riding in separate cars on their return ride from the res, Gordon and his wife had both come to the conclusion that the time was right for Gordon to fulfill the promise he had made to God so many years ago. Gordon resigned from the church in Medora.

Gordon and his wife moved to the res, they lived on present day Oak St. Gordon held his first church service in his home with seven people present. As the number of people to come to Gordon’s services grew they would often find the need to move to different locations.

Soon land became available and a building was placed where the Stockbridge Bible Church now stands. The Shepard’s received help from several community members, to whom they are thankful. The basement of the church was first used for services, and then in October of 1984 the building was complete as they held a dedication of the sanctuary. In 1987 Gordon’s health required that he retire as an active Pastor and the church was taken over by the Zook family.

Gordon and Mary Lois moved to Putnam Lane in 1988 and spent their next nine winters at the Bibleville Conference grounds in Alamo, Texas; where Gordon served as chaplain for several seasons.

Gordon and Mary Lois’s oldest son, Randall, is a Forest Ranger Supervisor in Naches National Forest in Naches, Washington. Their younger son, Terry, is the Vice President of Public Affairs at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Gordon has six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Including a trip to Europe to visit some of the places Gordon was while in the service the couple also visited a five other countries. They have also traveled multiple places throughout North America.

Due to complications with diabetes Gordon is unable to do a lot of the things he enjoys such as hunting, fishing, and reading. He did say that he enjoys "spending time with my sister (Ruth) and brother (Ira), and their families, especially since our own children are so far away."