Nancy Wedde

Nancy Marie Cuish was born in Shawano County. Nancy was raised between Morgan and Gresham until she was 14, then to the stone house on River Road. She also lived in Milwaukee. 

Nancy attended school for a wile on the reservation when she was real young. She also attended the Morgan School and the Elm Grove School until completion. Nancy has many memories as a child. But, one memory that sticks out was her experiences going swimming in Morgan. On a regular occasion, Nancy would go swimming with the two neighbor girls. This swimming hole was also the area where the community would go get drinking water. On one occasion, Nancy’s mother found out that she would go swimming down there. "She found out, got mad, and that was the end of that!" said Nancy.

Nancy married Robert Wedde. Together, they had five children: Anna Mae Burr, Bobby Wedde, Butch Wedde, Betty Wamboldt, and Sharon Wedde. Nancy, Bob and her kids took many family vacations out west. "I don’t do it as much now," said Nancy. Her and her husband ran many businesses successfully over the years. They owned a gas station, a sewing machine sales and service shop in Gresham, and they also owned the Swamp Inn for 6 ½ years. Nancy is extremely proud of all her children and her whole family. Over the past few years, Nancy has sadly lost her husband, her son Bobby, and one grandchild.

Today, Nancy enjoys her eight grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren. She also enjoys going to the casinos, out to eat, watching old movies, and visiting with Elna Pfannerstill. When asked if she has any advice for the youth, she responded jokingly, "I have a lot to tell the youth!" She also added to stay off of drugs, behave yourself, stay out of trouble, and listen to your parents.

When asked if she knows any funny stories or funny experiences that have happened to her in her life, Nancy responded, "I know lots of funny stories, but most of them are not printable!"