Janice Elaine Doxtator

Place of Birth: Shawano, WI

Parents names: Mildred Gardner & Edward Eli Doxtator

Raised Where: Stockbridge Munsee Reservation

Schools Attended: Bowler Public School

Marital Status: Finley Peters, Jr.

Any Children? if so, how many and names) 3 Daughters & 1 Son

Sherena Doxtator, Sherideane Peters, Michelle Peters, Wanda Peters

Any Grandchildren?: I have 4 grandchildren living and had 2 & 1 unborn who are deceased

Amanda Doxtator, Edward Putnam, Michael Doxtator, Kody Peters

Deceased are Jessica Lynn Heidtman and Amber Marie Heidtman and unborn

Things you enjoy doing now: Reading, playing Bingo and spending time with grandchildren, when they have time for me.

Accomplishments or things your proud of: Going back to school and getting three degrees I have a degree in Accounting, Medical Office Management and Administrative Assistant.

Have you done extensive traveling? Where did you go to? Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Tennessee.

Were you in the Military? No

Lesson/advice for the youth? Go to school and get an education as that is where the money is. I should say and get a job like mine. huh?

Any funny stories from your childhood/adulthood that you may want to share with the community?
Well, there was the time when we all had chores to do. It was winter and my job was to bring in the wood for the cook stove. We changed chores weekly. I was in the kitchen with my mother and I made a bet with my brother "Doc". I told him I had more brothers than he had and so he bet with me. I won and he had to carry in the wood for me for the week. My mother made sure he did them because she heard him make the bet with me.

Anything else that you may wish to add? I was raised with 7 sisters and 2 brothers. I had more but they never lived to old age. I mean they died within their first two years of age.