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Mission Statement

The Stockbridge-Munsee Legal Department's primary mission is to represent and protect the Tribe, it’s assets, enterprises, and interests.  Whether it be reviewing contracts, enforcing Tribal Ordinances, or pursuing defaulted loans, the Legal Department is here to provide assistance to the Tribal Council as well as tribal government programs, businesses and committees.  The Legal Department views its responsibility as going beyond merely dealing with legal problems as they arise. The philosophy has always been to assist the Tribe in preventing legal problems in the first instance by providing timely counsel and by closely reviewing and monitoring all contracts.  The Legal Department tracks changes in State and Federal Government, which includes Legislators, their legislation, decisions, rulings, and relevant court decisions, to determine how they may impact the Tribe and Community.  Four full-time Attorneys and one Secretary/Assistant currently staff the Legal Department.


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Laura Vedder

Tribal Prosecutor

Phone: (715) 793-4390
Email: laura.vedder 

Bridget Swanke

Senior Counsel
Phone: (715) 793-4868
Email: bridget swanke

Dennis Puzz

General Counsel
Phone: (715) 793-4367
Email: dennis.puzz

April Dunlavy

Staff Attorney

Phone: (715) 793-3024

Email: april.dunlavy

Bertha Shepard

Phone: (715) 793-4392
Email: bertha.shepard