Lois Hammer Simm

I was born to Sophrona & Louis Hammer  in a little house on Highway A just, down the hill from the Dalke farm, delivered by none other than Dr. Litizen.

I spent most of my younger days in Morgan Siding, as my dad owned land there. Just up from Milissa Quinney is where we got our drinking and washing water. We also got fresh milk from Elmer Quinney. Just a hop and a skip more brought me to Mrs. Howls Store.

The church was just a bit past there, where Rev. Norman Raywinkle taught. I was confirmed and baptized in the Lutheran Church, down by the old school house, where Mrs. Steer and Mr. Moran taught me. I also had great times living in Big Dam in Jorden’s log house, then fishing and berry picking on my dad Louis land, also in Morgan. We always had a big garden there: corn, potatoes, beets, onions and our own big patch of rhubarb. Pies and more pies… it was great then. We had a root cellar and in the fall we would bring it all in under the house. I also remember when my dad worked on the railroad. I’d sit down by the tracks to wave to him as it went by. Then I would go up to Aunt Bell Sears. She taught me how to spell with my hands and I still know how today. She was a great lady to me. I knew where all the best wild mushrooms were and where the best fishing spots were: Hymizees rock was the best, or Big Dam. We always went over on Camp 14 by where Joe Coyhis lived. Dad hunted deer for him with uncle Hal. My life then, in my younger days, on this Reservation was really great. I didn’t even know I was poor!

As I arrived in my late teens I became a rebel. I found out that the Indians couldn’t do very much off the res. I did graduate school though, and started M.A.T.C. in Milwaukee. Nothing became of the education though. I might as well as not have had any. I also was in jail, prison, had 4 girls, 1 boy, and been married a few times. When God and Jesus came into my life I deeply regretted all my life. I went to bible school for 8 yrs with my present hubby. I have not even had alcohol, cigarettes, etc. for at least 18 years.

The later life I led I regret, but the best memories were always on the res with my own people, where there’s civilization. My mom divorced and I have bro Wayne, Otho, John. Sisters Brenda, Donna. Malone… Eleanor & Velma Hammer.

Those are my siblings. These days I can say I like myself and I like others. So I guess that’s an A.O.K. thing.

Now, if I only had the health I had then. I have diabetes, high blood pressure, blockage in my neck, bone-on-bone in my knees and hips, blind in one eye, psoriasis, depression, cholesterol in 1000’s.

So this is my life from doing it my way and I’ve only scratched the surface, but it’s me.

Yours truly,

Lois Hammer