Loretta Pecore

One of the most important things in Loretta "Rett" Pecore’s life is her family. Her parents Arthur Malone and Cleo (Welch) Malone, were always supportive and loving as she is to her six children, seventeen grandchildren, and eight great-grand children. Rett also has three more great-grand children on the way.

Rett was born in Red Springs, Wisconsin. Until Rett was around the age of four or five she lived in Red Springs. She moved, after living in Red Springs for a few years, to the Stockbridge-Munsee reservation, living in a two room house with her father, mother, her two sisters Violet Hill and Evon Lasher, and also her two other brothers Vincent Malone and Shelly Malone. One of the rooms in the house was a kitchen, the other a bedroom. After living there for a short time her family built on two more bedrooms. The house was located where her oldest son’s, Roderick "Squirt" Pecore’s house is now located at headquarters.

Retts family was one of the first families to move to the Stockbridge-Munsee reservation. When she was eleven years old Rett moved up by Besaws and while living there her family grew, adding one more sister and five more brother’s. They are Venny Taylor, Roger Malone, Mart Malone, Todd Malone, Randy Malone and Tim Malone.

Rett went to Bowler school from the first grade until she reached the third grade. Rett then went on to the Stockbridge school on the reservation from the third grade until the seventh grade. Rett than returned to Bowler school to graduate from the eighth grade, because the school on the reservation did not go to the eighth grade. Rett remembers the school on the reservation having two class rooms, one for grade levels one through three and the other for grade levels four through seven. The Stockbridge school was located in the Many Trails park.

At the age of fourteen Rett started to baby-sit for a living. Rett started out babysitting in Rhinelander, Wisconsin for 3 children, one girl and two boys. When Rett was sixteen years old she babysat in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Since the two areas were so far from home Rett stayed with the families while she was employed. While at home Rett babysat around the reservation to make the money that she needed. At the age of seventeen Rett went to work in Milwaukee on an assembly line at a Nanbush shoe factory until she was eighteen.

Rett came home and married Roderick "Snooky" Pecore Sr. of Neopit , they moved to Neopit. While living there Rett had four children Debra Lemieux, Roderick "squirt" Pecore Jr., George Pecore, and Leonard Pecore.

After living in Neopit for six years Rett moved back to the Stockbridge -Munsee reservation for about five years. She then moved to Milwaukee. During Retts time in Milwaukee she babysat and went to a technical school. Rett was planning on working in the Medical records department but she never did get the opportunity.

Retts had two more children while living in Milwaukee, Tim and MaDonna Pecore. Ten years later Rett made her final move home, to the Stockbridge reservation. In this time Rett was a daycare provider for two years, a headstart teacher for four years, she also worked with the elderly for a year. To finish up Loretta Pecore’s life of employment she worked at Bingo as a cook for, four years. But it’s not the finish of Loretta Pecores work, she still keeps up a home on the reservation, taking care of her teenage grandson, and is still giving her family many good memories and lot’s of laughter.