Lucille Miller

Lucille "Cille" Miller (Bowman) was born in the town of Red Springs. She was raised in Morgan Siding and attended the Mission School in red Springs. 

She got married to Corlyss Miller in the Town of Red Springs. She had six children. Five boys: Douglas "Grump" (Chenda) Miller, Leland "Lee" (Sue) Miller, Donnie "Don" (Chris) Miller, Gregory "Greg" (Linda) Miller & Buddy "Bud" (Carmen) Miller. One daughter: Averil "Jayne" Pecore. (She also had two infant sons who died during infancy: Corlyss Jr. & Gary.)

‘Cille was always proud of her grandchildren and she had a lot to be proud of. The list includes Kay Miller, Mel (Debbie) Miller, Fran Miller, Loren Miller, Gwen Miller, Jeff Pecore, Myla (Mark Pleshek), Kim Pecore, Shannon (Bernard) Holsey, Michelle (Scott) Posselt, Chad Miller, Tara Miller, Todd Miller, Dusty Welch, Kelli (Darcy) Malone, Beau Miller, and Ben Fischer & Trace Miller. She also had numerous great-grandchildren and this list includes, Aimee Miller, Kylee Dodge, Cole & Whitney Miller, Megan & Mitchell Pleshek, Chynnia Pecore, Rainer & Kayli Posselt, Ashley & Brandon Miller, & Desahn Welch (She also had numerous Step Great-Grandchildren).

One of her most enjoyable times as a youngster was playing softball. She said they would play all day long. She said she could really "whack" the softball.

'Cille enjoyed visiting and cooking for family and friends. She was a member of the Lutheran Church of the Wilderness. She and her friend, Bernice, were instrumental in starting what is now known as "Hunter’s Dinner." Bernice remembers ‘Cille always making her hull corn soup and Bernice found a recipe for fry bread and after that she brought the fry bread.

Among her many accomplishments in life were that she served on the Town of Bartelme and Tribal elections boards, as well as serving on the Tribal Enrollment Committee. She was employed in the shipyards in Sturgeon Bay and worked with the Green Thumb program. She was a greeter and legend teller at the Stockbridge-Munsee Library. She testified in Federal Court on behalf of her tribe. She never missed a week of baking her well-known bread for family & friends.

‘Cille was most proud of her family and the strong family bond they share. She was proud to have served on the Enrollment Committee & Tribal Election Board. She was proud of her community and willing to testify in Federal court in order to defend it. She was very proud to have been able to take care of her youngest grandson (Trace) and great-grandson (Brandon) until they went to school full time.

Lucille did not travel a lot however; there were a few family members & friends that were able to convince her to take "short" vacations. But best of all, she enjoyed being home with family and friends.

We asked her friend, Bernice, what her personality was like. Bernice said "I think everybody loved her. She took people in that didn’t have a place to stay, she fed’em. She had a few people that’d stay with her, like Dale and she took care of him."