LuluBelle Mattson

Lulu Belle Ann Doxtator Mattson was born at home which was two miles south of the village of Stockbridge (down below) to John William Doxtator and Frieda Isabel Welch.

Her family consists of her older brother, Jerome (Romy) Doxtator who passed away. Lu’s older sister is Elizabeth (Betty) Groh who lives on the Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation. She has two younger sisters who are twins. One’s name is Lorraine (Rainy) Van Deraa. She and her husband live on the old family homstead near Stockbridge, Wisconsin. The other twin is Elaine (Ellie) Daddatz and she lives in Chilton, Wisconsin.

Lu says many old timers are familiar with the John Doxtator homestead. It seemed to her that they always had many visitors from the reservation as many of our relatives lived on or near it. She says it was at the homestead where she and her siblings grew up with beautiful Lake Winnebago to their west and the woods and ledge called "Niagara Escarpment" to their east. As a child Lu loved playing on the ledge or puttering around the lake but most of all she loved playing "homemade paper dolls" with her sister Betty.

She says she attended St. Mary’s Catholic School and later Stockbridge High School. Lu says she loved school. She loved learning new subjects. "It was recess I didn’t like," said Lu.

Lu’s favorite childhood memory is of her grandfather, Peter Doxtator, playing his violin in the summer evening at twilight. She said, "beautiful strains of violin music filled my eight year old ears and brought glistening tears to my eyes. It was so pure and sad. To this day I have never heard sweeter music anywhere."

Lu and her husband Wayne Otto Mattson were married and will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary this fall. They met at a place called the "Chatterbox" in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. She says, it was similar to what the kids call a singles bar today. Lu goes on to explain that Wayne was home on summer vacation from the United States Navel Academy and she and her girlfriend were hanging out at the bar when they met.

She was a stay-at-home mom for thirty years. In speaking of her children Lu says, "we have three children, Michael, Judy, and Curtis. They all live in Tucson, Arizona. She has one grandchild, David Mattson, and no great grandchildren.

Lu did go back to work as a secretary for Chaplain Services Department at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tucson, Arizona for five years.

She says that the military was a major portion of her life because she was married to an Air Force Officer who spent 25 years on active duty. Lu said one of the duty stations was Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico. When Wayne retired, they chose to return to Alamogordo and make it their permanent home. This is where they live today.

Lu says she’s traveled to many places, but her favorite one was Lima, Peru. It was also the furthest she’s ever traveled.

She enjoys reading, painting and woodcarving. Once she was privileged to paint the dust cover for the book called "the Stockbridge Story."

Lu says she has this advice for the youth of the community, "Be proud of yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you, you are less."

She says she and her sister, Ellie, have done extensive research on the history of the Stockbridge Indians beginning back in 1976. "We are quite informed. Even though I do not live near the Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation, I enjoy being part of the whole and always read the Mohican News," said Lu.