Mabel Miller

Mabel M. Mohawk (Miller) to Milford and Elizabeth Mohawk. She was born in Red Springs Wisconsin. Mabel attended school at the Mission school and later went to school in Gresham. Mabel married  Gerald (Skip) Miller. She had two children one boy and one girl, Gerald and Jerilyn. Mabel has four grandsons. One of Mabel’s fondest memories as a child was at her Aunt Marie’s Christmas program in Red Springs town hall. Today Mabel enjoys spending her time doing crafts, going bowling, playing bingo and slots, and she also enjoys gardening. Mabel like’s traveling to many different casinos.

My childhood was a fun time for me, sledding on Chick hill; we didn’t have sleds so we used cardboard boxes, feed sacks, and old car hoods. We also went skating on Mission, wiener roasts, and fishing. I went to the Mission school until it closed. Then I went to Gresham school, and then later moved to Gresham, where I met my good friend Marilyn Christ Gardner we stayed friends through the years. I also stayed close to my cousin Sharon Welch-Miller.

After graduation I worked odd jobs in Gresham. Then I went to Milwaukee to work a little bit and then returned home, where I met my future husband. I stayed in Gresham for a while, and then returned to Milwaukee. We both worked at Perlick, and then moved back home to raise our children.

After our daughter was born I stayed home for a while, as the old saying goes we had the million dollar family not the million. I returned back to work at Weber Veneer And Plywood in Shawano until retirement.

Mable is also very proud of her children, Gerald and Jerilyn as well as her four grandsons. With the passing of my husband I depended very much on my children. They were there for me at a very bad time. I was very happy to welcome my daughter-in-law Lisa and son-in-law Scott Johnson to our family. A special thanks to my brother, sister, children, and a special thanks to my niece Kathleen Shawanokasic for being there for me.