Marcella Putnam

Marcella was born  just east of Lake Winnebago in the Village of Stockbridge. "At that time it was an Indian Village", says Marcella. She is one of five children born to William and Ethel (Welch) Doxtator. Marcella has a sister Ann and three brothers Marvin, Billy, and Danny.

"We lived there (Village of Stockbridge) until I was about 12 or 13 years old." After which time Marcella’s family moved to Brotherton. Marcella’s family moved once again to Fond Du Lac.

Marcella attended high school in Fond Du Lac, but was unable to finish school due to scarlet fever. "I was quarantined for about a month or so," Marcella recalls. Shortly after Marcella worked a job in Fond Du Lac for about a year.

During World War II Marcella moved to Minnesota. She began working in a war plant making ammunition cans for the Army. While in Minnesota, Marcella caught up on some of her schooling.

After the war there wasn’t any work, and Marcella decided to move back to the Village of Stockbridge. Marcella married Eugene Doxtator. Together they had six boys: Mike, Richard, Jim, Donald, Ed, and Dennis. Marcella also became stepmother to Eugene’s two children David and Rosalie.

Around the time that Marcella’s boys were beginning to graduate from high school, drugs and alcohol abuse became evident within the Village of Stockbridge. Shortly after, Marcella and her husband moved to the present day Stockbridge Reservation. They built a house and Marcella’s sons finished school here.

Marcella began working at Bowler Public School, in the elementary. She worked there for almost 10 years before finding out that she had diabetes. After which Marcella took about a year off of work. She then returned to Bowler School working throughout the grades and Title IV. "It was the best job I ever had," says Marcella.

Marcella’s husband Eugene passed away. Not long after Marcella’s health began to suffer. She had a heart attack and a bypass. She spent almost two years recuperating at the Ella Besaw Center.

During her time at the Ella Besaw Center Marcella met Willard Putnam. "We became good friends," says Marcella. Marcella and Willard were married. They live together in the Gresham area, and Marcella says she plans on moving back to the reservation after her house has some work done to it.

Marcella is the grandmother of 20 and great grandmother of 6. She enjoys spending time at home saying, "I’m content with being a wife, mother and grandmother."

Marcella is a religious woman. She has been attending the Assembly of God Church for the past 5 years. Before that she attended church on the housing at the Bible Church. A church in which she helped get started. "I’ve taught Sunday school for over 40 years, I’ve really enjoyed it." Marcella’s devotion to God is what she says has carried her through life and it’s struggles. Marcella reads the bible everyday, "I’ve wore out a few Bibles already," says Marcella, smiling.