Mildred Doxtator

Mildred Doxtator was born in Shawano County. Known by everyone as "Pete", she is the daughter of Edwin "Ele" Doxtator and Mildred (Gardner) Doxtator. She is one of 17 brothers and sisters. Only 3 of her siblings are currently living. Mildred remembers fondly of her childhood going to Shawano and Gresham. "Shawano and Gresham were big cities for us, and I used to get excited when I would be able to go." She said. 

Mildred was raised on the rez till she was 18 and then she moved to Green Bay. She attended Bowler School, and graduated. She attended NWTC in Green Bay and received an Associate’s degree in Auto Mechanics. Her work history consisted of working for UPS, the Oneida Tribe and the JA Case Company in Schofield where she worked as an assembler. Mildred has traveled to many different places. These included the World’s fair in Canada, Cincinnati, St. Louis for Job Corps, South Carolina, and Florida. Her favorite was Canada, in which she got to travel on a boat for. " I like traveling on a boat, " she said. When asked why people call her "Pete", she said she doesn’t know why people call her that. " I used to tell people that it was my middle name." Said Mildred, who’s middle initial is P.

Although she has never been married and she has no children of her own, Mildred enjoys her 3 siblings, 7 nephews and 5 nieces. She also spends her time playing bingo, fishing, and watching ball games.

Mildred also told a story she remembered from when she was a child about her brother and a bear. Her brother borrowed her new shotgun to go deer hunting. Her brother saw something moving around in the bushes. Thinking it was a bear he shot at it. It turned out it was a bear. Her brother ran back to the house. As he ran, he dropped the shotgun, leaving Mildred’s brand new shotgun out in the woods. He got back into the house. As he told the story to his mom and Mildred, he remembered that he left the gun out in the woods. He refused to go back and get it. His mom then told him that he had to go back out there and get it. After some hesitation, he went back out to get it. All Mildred could do was laugh.