Viola Davids Haddock 

Viola Haddock was born  in Shawano WI to Jessica Mae (Aaron) and Julius Davids. She has brothers and sisters, named Dorothy and Julius Davids, and Edward and Rose Gardner and Marvin, Joyce, Jeffery, Joanne, Janet, Nelson, and Denny.

Viola was raised in Sturgeon Bay, and some of the things she enjoyed doing as a child were ice skating on the Bay, going to the store to buy candy, and cooking. One thing she didn’t like was not having nice clothes. A happy memory is going with her uncle Clyde on a truck to unload apples. Viola also liked to stay at her Uncle Don and Aunt Hilda Le Mieux’.

Viola attended the Evergreen School in Sturgeon Bay.

Viola has been married several times, and has seven children and one stepson. Their names are: Phyllis Marie Welch, Jessica Frances Harding, Richard McNally Harding, Sharon Rose Harding, Violetta Lorraine Haddock, Terri Lynn Haddock, David Eugene Haddock, and Stephen Gene Haddock. Viola says she has at least nineteen grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

Viola has traveled many times for her job, having spent 27 years as a bus driver and cook’s helper. She currently is a Food Service Manager at Fremont County Head Start in Penrose Colorado, where she now lives. Previously, Viola has lived in Belton, Texas, and Fairbanks, Alaska. Viola says she enjoys having parties, dancing, and just having fun.

Viola says she is proud of her children, and proud that she owns her own home. She says, "I can fix it the way I want to". Words of wisdom for our youth? "Go to school, and don’t quit. Go to church and learn of God our Lord."