8th Annual Omaeqnomenewak Posehaetowak Maeqtekos

"Menominee Canoe Ride"

September 22nd

8:30 am - Ceremony at Long Lake Rd (Dam Road off VV)

9:00: Cast off at Dam

12:45pm: Traditional Style Pot Luck Feast, next to Legend Lake Lodge

Join us on a journey along several lakes where our ancestors canoed just a fewncenturies before what is now one Legend Lake; enjoy the experience you’ll always remember with your friends & family!

You may bring a dish to share, and your own dinner ware with eating utensils (dish bag).

I will also be asking those who wish to “fast” while on their 3-4 hour journey to hydrate the day before.

Medicine tea will be provided as you return to shore

We’ll provide a pontoon for elders who also want to participate in the ride and enjoy the experience with us 

Pontoon space and canoes are limited so please call early! Or bring your own canoe/kayak.

Questions, food(fish, berries, wild rice) donations, to volunteer And/or to reserve your pontoon seat, canoe, or kayak, contact Marla Mahkimetas at 715-851-0862