COVID-19 Information 

Tribal Government Updates


COVID-19 Update Confirmed in Shawano County

Shawano — Shawano-Menominee Counties Health Department announced today that there is a confirmed case in Shawano County. This is the first confirmed case in Shawano County. This individual is under isolation as requested by local, state, and federal recommendations.


Protect Yourself from COVID-19: Access VA Care from Home


Community Information Update from Incident Command Team


Self-Isolation Order Extension

Extension of Order through April 24, 2020 To Limit Opportunities for COVID-19 Transmission


Safer at Home FAQ - From the Office of Gov. Tony Evers 

Governor Tony Evers and Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Secretary-designee Andrea Palm issued a Safer at Home order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, effective at 8 am on Wednesday March 25th. This order will remain in effect until 8 am on Friday, April 24th or until a superseding order is issued.


COVID-19 Update Confirmed in Menominee County

Menominee— Shawano-Menominee Counties Health Department announced today that there is a confirmed case in Menominee County. This is the first confirmed case in Menominee County. This individual is under isolation as requested by local, state, and federal recommendations.


Tribal Services Information Sheet


Public Information Message from our Tribal Emergency Operations


COVID-19 Information from our Health Center

Testing is limited to the highest priority patients and health care workers. If you need testing it will be recommended by your primary care provider. The number of samples being received at labs exceeds daily capacity this extends the wait time for results. Testing is not recommended for people with mild, upper respiratory symptoms. It is recommended that these individuals self-isolate at home until their symptoms improve.  If you are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness, please call the triage line 715-793-5087 or 715-793-5088 to be evaluated and to receive further directions.


2020 Self-Isolation Order

To limit opportunities for COVID-19 transmission, people are to shelter in place at home and avoid gathering of 10+ people


Resource Information for the Employmee Assistance Program regarding the COVID-19


Employee Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Temporary Tribal Gaming Operation Shutdown

Stockbridge-Munsee Community and other Wisconsin Native Nations Voluntarily Shutdown Gaming Operations for Two Weeks as of Midnight on Saturday, March 21, 2020


Declaration of State of Emergency - Phase 1 Implementation Plan

Effective March 15, 2020 a Tribal State of Public Health Emergency was declared by the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council Resolution 044-20


Tribal State of Public Health Emergency Resolution


Tribal State of Public Health Emergency

The Tribal Council recognizes that the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as its obligations to its community and as an employer, and has been continuously and diligently working on how to implement its emergency response plan in light of this quickly-developing, fluid situation,  and the Tribal Council is declaring a Tribal State of Public Health Emergency based on the COVID-19 outbreak.


The Mohican Family Center is closed until further notice.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response and Tribal Community 

The Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council values its relationship with its employees and endeavors to provide a safe workplace.  However, the Tribe also is a government with a goal of serving community members and it operates service-based businesses.  As we move forward, we will be continually assessing how best to achieve all these goals in an appropriate manner. 

The Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council recognizes there has been a lot of information in the news about the developing coronavirus impact worldwide.  We are trying to find the best path forward that allows us to appropriately protect our community, recognizes our obligations as an employer, and permits us to continue our business operations in as safe a manner as possible


North Star Casino Environmental Update

In light of growing public-health concerns, we want to assure you that the health and safety of our guests and employees at North Star Mohican Casino Resort are of top priority. We are monitoring all developments in respect to both current and new illnesses, and are committed to stay up to date by continuing to monitor the guidance and resources provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). Please refer to and for more information.

Public Health Updates


Shawano and Menominee Counties COVID-19 Response Updates

COVID-19 has surprised us all with the level of impact is has had on our lives. We have taken some important steps to fight COVID-19 and we applaud all of the efforts our counties and tribes have taken to respond to this pandemic. Now is the time for us to collectively do all we can to protect the health and safety of our community.


Health Officials in Shawano and Menominee Counties Respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Residents should follow guidelines on how to prevent the spread of illness.

While no cases of COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus) have been confirmed in Shawano or Menominee Counties, local public health officials are urging residents to take steps to avoid illness and to prevent the spread of the virus.


Gov. Evers Announces Federal Approval of Disaster Loans for Small Businesses

Gov. Tony Evers announced today that the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has approved Wisconsin’s request for small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to access low-interest federal disaster loans.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response 

Steps to prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease


Preparing for Influenza and Other Respiratory Illnesses, such as COVID-19

Menominee, Shawano — There has recently been an increase in media attention on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).  The local public health agencies for Shawano and Menominee Counties and Tribes want to point out that the risk to the general population in Wisconsin and the United States is currently low.  However, there are many other respiratory illnesses, such as influenza, circulating.  Respiratory illnesses often spread through coughs and sneezes so public health wants to take this opportunity to remind everyone of important steps they can take to protect themselves and their families.