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The Conservation Department has the responsibility to protect and enhance the Stockbridge-Munsee Community's natural resources. Working with the Conservation Committee, Tribal Ordinance Chapters 20 and 21 were created to specifically address hunting and fishing regulations.


The Conservation Warden's primary responsibility is the enforcement of the Conservation Code. This is accomplished through general patrols, response to issues and complaints, and problem solving the day to day issues that are encountered.

The Conservation Department and the Conservation Committee are constantly searching for better ways to enhance our natural resources so our Community can enjoy them while protecting them.


The Stockbridge-Munsee Community recently was awarded a 3 year U.S Fish and Wildlife Tribal Grant. The grant was written to hire a Wildlife Biologist who will assist with the development of a Wildlife Management Plan. The Wildlife Biologist will work closely with the Conservation, Environmental, Forestry, Forestry and Land Management Departments and gather the necessary wildlife information for the management plan.

Our Staff

Beau Miller

Conservation Warden

Phone: (715) 793-4364
Cell: (715) 881-1122

Email: beau.miller

Sterling Schreiber

Conservation Warden

Phone: (715) 793-4364
Cell:  (715) 881-0401

Email: sterling.schreiber