Diabetes Awareness Month

Various Dates

8:30 am - 10:30 am

Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Screenings and Snacks!

Nov. 6th - Tribal Office, Legal, Library, Land & Enrollment


Nov. 13th - Admin Building


Nov. 27th - MFC, Education, Public Safety, Housing, Head Start, P&E, Environmental, Child Support


Nov. 29th - Clinic Atrium 

Community members and employees are welcome to stop in at any of the locations (see above schedule). For the most accurate results, please be fasting (nothing to eat or drink for the past 12 hours except for black coffee, unsweetened tea or water). If you have any questions, please contact Whitney Schreiber at 715-793-3008.

Stay tuned for DIABETES TRIVIA! The question of the week will be emailed out on Mondays in November. Respond by Wednesday at 4:30pm to be entered into a drawing for a gift basked filled with goodies!