Position: Field Forester 


Location: S/M Community

Salary: $22.27 Negotiable/Non-Exempt 


Reports to: Tribal Forester  

Posting Date: 4-15-22

Closing Date: Until Filled

Pay Grade: 6


The Field Forester will assist the Tribal Forester (Forest Manager) in following the Tribal Forestry Management Plan. The Field Forester is supervised by the Tribal Forester and the indirect/technical supervision of the BIA Forester when working on trust lands.  The Field Forester may assist in the training of the summer youth interns, the forestry aide, when applicable, and others as required by the Tribal Forester.


All employees of Stockbridge Munsee Community must meet the following qualification:

  1. Must submit to and pass a pre-employment drug and health screening.
  2. Must be at least 18 years of age, unless otherwise stated on job description
  3. Must maintain an acceptable departmental attendance record
  4. Must be able to work weekends, nights and holidays on-call services.
  5. Must obtain and maintain Elder/Youth License as stated on job description.
  6. Must be COVID 19 fully vaccinated and remain up to date with required doses.


  1. Learn, understand, and assess the ecological, economic, and social aspects of the forest management program and apply through sustainable land stewardship
  2. Mark timber according to prescriptions approved by the Tribal Forest and Forestry Committee
    a.       Mark 150 acres on Trust land as required for the BIA 638 Contract
    b.       Mark a total of 400 acres regardless of land status
  3. Define or delineate and mark associated property/harvest boundaries
    a.       Mark 4 miles of boundaries on Trust land as required by the BIA 638 Contract
    b.       Mark a minimum of 8 miles of boundaries regardless of land status
  4. Assist with the maintenance and drafting of management plans
    a.       Some examples include: Tribal Forest Management Plan, BMPs for forestry related issues, Chapter 22, and Ash Management Plan
  5. Assist with timber sale administration on fee lands, duties may include but are not limited to:
    a.       Conduct stand exams, stand data inventories, and update OpTICS/OpINV Databases.
    b.       Assist in drafting timber harvest prescriptions utilizing stand data and up to date silvicultural methods that best benefit forest health according to the goals outlined in the Tribal Forest Management Plan.
    c.       Complete marking, locate survey corners, and mark sale boundaries.
    d.       Assist with drafting the Bid Prospectus, Add, Contract, and Forest Officer’s Report
    e.       Assist with administering sales, contract compliance, scaling, record keeping, etc.
  6. Assist with any Tribal Forestry Enterprise
  7. Assist with development and maintenance of a GIS Database for all forestry activities like
    a.       3yr Cut Plan
    b.       Stand Exam Inventory
    c.       Timber harvest maps
  8. Assist with reports associated with the FSC Certification and be familiar with the requirements
  9. Collaborate with other depts on Invasive Species Management, duties to include but not limited to:
    a.       Acquire and maintain a WI pesticide applicator’s license.
    b.       Stay current on invasive species and their control methods
    c.       Conduct control methods; chemical, mechanical, biological, and manual.
    d.       Complete all associated forms and reports.
  10. Assist with finding, applying, and administering grants
  11. Assist the BIA Forester as required
  12. Assist with urban forestry as required
  13. Work with other tribes, governments, sawmills, loggers, etc. on forestry issues
  14. Assist with planning and implementation of Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) projects, concentrating on tribal fee lands in accordance with the Tribal Forest Management Plan.
  15. Assist the BIA Forester in other job-related duties as assigned, such as forest road improvements and site preparation for reforestation.
  16. Assist with appraisals of new land acquisitions as requested by Land Management.
  17. Complete weekly verbal discussions and provide monthly reports of accomplishments and problems and provide future work schedule to the Forest Manager along with a monthly report due by the 7th of each month.
  18. Make recommendations and assist in scheduling equipment for preventive maintenance
  19. Must maintain an acceptable departmental attendance record.
  20. Must be reliable and prompt when reporting to work.
  21. Required to attend job related, in-service, meetings, and training to maintain professional and technical knowledge.
  22. Must adhere to tribal law and other applicable laws as well as tribal personnel policies and procedures.
  23. May be required to satisfactorily complete an exam or other testing requirement(s) to determine skill proficiency.

    *The above duties and responsibilities are not an all-inclusive list but rather a general representation of the duties and responsibilities associated with this position.  The duties and responsibilities will be subject to change based on organizational needs and/or as deemed necessary by the supervisor.



  1. Must possess a High School Diploma or G.E.D. equivalent
  2. Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a forestry related field
  3. Prefer 2 or more years of experience
  4. Proficient in Wisconsin tree and plant identification
  5. Must possess physical ability to perform field duties and to receive and carry out directions
    a.      Walk 2 miles, lift 50lbs, carry 25lbs
  6. Possess or obtain a Wisconsin Pesticide Applicator’s License within 1 year of service
  7. Must have a working knowledge of:
    a.       Ecology, silviculture, reforestation, and wildlife habitats
    b.       Forest mensuration and the tools associated
    c.       Mapping and orienteering
    d.       Geographic Information Systems and can conduct basic functions in ARC GIS
    e.       Timber harvesting, utilization, and contract compliance
    f.        Forest management policies and practices
    g.       Pesticides and herbicides
  8. Must have good math skills.
  9. Must have good communication skills
  10. Must have ability to maintain work-related records and reports
  11. Must be willing to attend all applicable training
  12.  Must know how to operate a computer, using word processing and spreadsheets
  13. Must have filing ability, calculator operation, and organizational skills
  14. Must pass pre-employment drug and health screening.  Must adhere to the Tribe’s Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy during the course of employment.
  15. Must be eligible for coverage under the employer’s liability insurance.
  16. Must have demonstrated ability to maintain satisfactory working record in any prior or current employment.
  17. Must have a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation, and insurance are required.  Must obtain a Wisconsin driver’s license within 30 days of employment if applicant has an out-of-state driver’s license.  Must meet and maintain the eligibility to operate a personal or tribal vehicle under the driver acceptability guidelines as established by Mohican Nation Insurance.
  18. Must abide by departmental and organizational safety, testing, and uniform guidelines.
  19. Must be COVID19 fully vaccinated and remain up to date with the required doses.



  1. Duties require rigorous physical exertion including, but not limited to, traversing uneven, rugged terrain in inclement weather.
  2. Duties require an employee to lift and/or move heavy objects.

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The Stockbridge Munsee Community operates as an equal opportunity employer. Except Indian Preference is given in accordance with the Tribal Employment Preference Ordinance.


Although an interview may be granted, this does not determine that the candidate fully meets the qualifications until it is determined by the interview team.