Language and Culture Camp

August 15th - 17th

At the Many Trails Park/Pow Wow Grounds

Attendees must have a parent or older relative if 6 years or younger

Campers 7-12 years can camp with a parent or relative chaper­one

Campers 13 and over can be chaperoned by Language and Culture Camp


There will be Overnight Camping, so bring all your camping gear:
•    Lawn Chairs
•    Swimsuits
•    Towels
•    Clothing
•    Dish Bag


There will also be the following items:

•    Traditional Activities
•    Language Teachings
•    Food will be provided


For more information or question please contact our Stockbridge-Munsee Language & Culture Committee: 715-793-5060 715-851-4991 Shawn Stevens 715-793-4834 715-787-4788