Stockbridge-Munsee Community Language & Culture Committee News


Language and Culture Meetings are held here at the Arvid. E. Miller Memorial Library Museum,

Every 3nd Wednesday of each month at 4:45 pm

All are welcome to join these meetings!

Our goal is to create an opportunity for our community (especially youth) to be immersed into our language and culture through traditional activities. By passing on our traditional knowledge and values we are looking to promote pride and motivation to keep our community and culture strong! 

The Stockbridge-Munsee Language and Culture committee members in 2018 are:  Vera “Judy” Huebel, Yvette Malone, JoAnne Schedler, Molly Miller and Shawn Stevens. 


Stockbridge-Munsee Language & Culture Camp 2018, was held on August 15-17, 2018 at the Many Trails Park & Campgrounds.

Monique Tyndall and Nikole Pecore Webster were our Language teachers this year. They have both been teaching language to our youth through their tribal positions of employment. 

All, of the committee members were present and assisting with daily activities and nightly activities. We had assistant teachers, chaperones, volunteers, and two cooks. Traditional foods were served throughout the days of camp. The attendees of camp enjoyed their daily and nightly activities of learning and having fun doing it. We have many artistic people.

We would like to thank all who attended Camp this year and all the people who helped in anyway. The children who participated were very well behaved and helpful, without the youth this would not have happened.


Anushiik! Oneewe! To all

Why Language is Important


  • (Indigenous Language Institute Handbook series. Handbook 5)
  • Language is like the bones.  Culture is like the body.  They are tied together!!
  • Language learners are renewing their culture as they are learning their language.
  • Because language needs “context” we need to create context in both our traditional and contemporary lives.  That means talking to each other in the language about every day things.  This is how we will awaken it.
  • Culture and language influence how we think.
  • We gain a deeper respect for our culture through learning our language
  • Elders carry the culture; to respect the culture is to respect your Elders
  • A living language allows a lasting culture.
  • Culture and language “grounds” the person.
  • This “grounding” helps a person to resist outside influences that are often physically, mentally, and spiritually detrimental to an individual.  This is part of meeting the needs of our people.