Public Safety

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 Address | W13445 Camp 14 Road Bowler, WI 54416


The Stockbridge-Munsee Indian Tribe has a Cooperative Law Enforcement Agreement with Shawano County.  The Stockbridge-Munsee also has contracts with the neighboring village of Gresham to provide Law Enforcement services. The department also provides a PSL officer for Gresham and Bowler schools. The officers are deputized by Shawano County and are Wisconsin State Certified Law Enforcement Officers. There are four officers, a detective who is supervised by the Chief of Police who also assists with patrol and investigative duties when needed. The Chief of Police also supervises the Fire Department and two conservation wardens.


Public Safety also has the Community Volunteer Fire Department, which has 25 members. The Fire Department covers any structural, auto or land wild fires in the Stockbridge area. The volunteers of the fire department attend training from once to ten times a year. The volunteers carry a radio as well as a pager so they can be reached in case of a fire. The fire department has six fire trucks including a six wheeler for brush fire. All volunteer firefighters have access to the fire department in case of a fire. Currently the fire fighters are working out a system to assure that there will be better coverage during the high risk-burning season.


The Stockbridge-Munsee Community operates a Conservation Department to protect and enhance their Natural Resources.  The Department currently employs two Conservation Wardens.  The Conservation Department along with the Conservation Committee has come a long way and helped create Tribal Ordinance Chapters 20 and 21, which specifically address hunting and fishing regulations.


The Conservation Wardens primary responsibility is the enforcement of the Conservation Code.  This is done by general patrol, response to issues and complaints, and problem solving with the day-to-day issues they encounter.  The Conservation Department along with the Conservation Committee are constantly searching for better ways to enhance our Natural Resources so the Community can enjoy them while protecting them.


The Wildlife Biologist works closely with the Conservation, Environmental, Forestry and Land Management departments and gathers the necessary wildlife information for the management plan. The Conservation Department is located at the Public Safety building. Their phone number is (715) 793-4364.

Our Staff

 Jim Hoffman

Chief of Police

Phone: (715) 793-4394
Cell: (715) 881-0584

Email: jim.hoffman

 Clint Gourley


Phone: (715) 793-4501
Cell: (715) 881-0585

Email: clinton.gourley

 Molly Welch

Administrative Assistant

Phone: (715) 793-4555
Email: molly.welch

 Ashley Bennett

Tribal Officer

Phone: (715) 793-4385
Cell: (715) 881-0581

Email: ashely.bennett

 Joe Steel

Tribal Officer

Phone: (715) 793-4385
Cell: (715) 881-0533

Email: joe.steel

 Paige Lehman

Tribal Officer

Phone: (715) 793-4385
Cell: (715) 881-0582

Email: paige.lehman