Did You Know?


There is a limited amount of terms eligible for funding in each degree.  Please plan your educational goals appropriately.


Vocational/Technical degree up to $13,632 (48 credits)
Bachelor degree minimally $39,024 (72 credits) + unused vocational/technical funding


Master's degree up to $34,848 (48 credits)
Advanced Degree minimally $43,560 (60 credits) + unused graduate funding

Students are required to “successfully complete” ALL credits/courses they were funded for.  Successfully complete means keeping a minimum 2.0 TERM GPA for undergraduate and 3.0 TERM GPA for Graduate and above. *Higher Education Office can utilize a school’s grading policies for those professional doctoral students where a GPA below 3.0 is acceptable to remain in good standing. Incompletes, withdrawals, etc., are not passing grades and will be re-calculated.


Students are required to have an “official” transcript of grades sent to the Education office at the end of each funding term/semester awarded by this office.  The transcript will be required in order to be considered for continued funding.  The official transcript must come directly from the higher education institution (college/university) to the Education office via post office or by email.  It is the student’s responsibility to request the transcript and pay for any applicable fees.