Mohican Family Center

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Hours of Operation

Join the MFC for limited in person services.

Due to unforeseen circumstances limited inperson services AT THE MOHICAN FAMILY CENTER are postponed until January 18, 2021.  If you have already scheduled appointments, your requested time slots have already been reserved.

First appointment slot is 6:00am and last appointment slot is 4:30pm. Please call 715-793-4080 to make your appointment today.

The MFC is temporarily closed at this time and will be offering virtual services, these services include fitness videos, cooking demonstrations, craft videos and other family challenges/games. If you are not connected to Facebook, please click the links below to view the weekly announcements and videos.

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Fitness Center

The Mohican Family Center fitness staff strives to provide our community with a positive and productive environment in which our members can achieve their health and fitness goals. To help our members achieve those goals we continue to provide a variety of services.


Fitness Center hours of operation are Monday through Friday 6am to 7:45pm.  MFC has a very welcoming fitness staff available.  Our staff has two Certified Personal Trainers.  We are willing to help you increase your knowledge and your safety of exercise.  We can offer you many things such as programs specifically made for you, spotters on all pieces of equipment and knowledge of different exercises for specific muscle groups.  We also offer fitness assessments and tests.


MFC has many types of weight room and cardio room equipment.  Some of the major weight room equipment we offer is as follows: leg press/hack squat, leg extension, leg curl (seated or lying), bench press, smith, cable cross-over, lat pull-down, assisted pull-up/dip, total hip and dumbbells.  Some of the minor weight room equipment is as follows: bosh balls, balance boards, medicine balls, resistance bands, Swiss exercise balls, hurdles, agility ladder, polymeric rings and much more.  The cardio room equipment is as follows: treadmills, elliptical, bikes and steppers.  If you have any questions on how to use any of the equipment please ask the staff and we will be more than happy to help.

Recreation Activities

Recreation activities are Monday through Friday 3:30pm to 7:45pm.


There are two recreation coordinators and one part-time recreation coordinator at MFC.  The recreation coordinators plan the day-to-day activities, field trips and events for the youth and their families.


Activities include basketball games, basketball tournaments, volleyball games, volleyball tournaments, cooking classes, card games, table games, scrapbooking, Native American games, little league, wrestling, sewing, regalia sewing, Native American dancing and field trips to movies, bowling, basketball games, volleyball games, tournaments and Pow Wows.


The MFC staff always welcomes visitors and volunteers to participate in the events.  If you have any questions or comments please call the MFC.

Our Staff

 Jerilyn Johnson

MFC Manager

Phone: (715) 793-4807

E-mail: jerilyn.johnson

 Joe Miller

Security Manager

Phone: (715) 793-4082
Email: joe miller

 Peggy Lemke

Recreation Coordinator

Cell: (715) 793-4082
Email: peggy.lemke

 Anthony Sullivan

Recreation Coordinator

Cell: (715) 793-4082

Email: anthony.sullivan

 Cheryl Pieper

Recreation Coordinator

Cell: (715) 793-4082

Email: cheryl.pieper

 Steven Duffek

Fitness Assistant

Phone: (715) 793-4803
Email: steven.duffek

 Craig Kroening Jr.

Fitness Assistant

Phone: (715) 793-4803
Email: craig kroening jr.