Elderly Services


The Elderly Center is located in the Housing Division at N8651 Maplewood St.


Our building is a beautiful new center brown with stone decor. The meal site can safely seat 90 participants. An elder is defined as those who are 55 years and older. We are open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


The Elderly Center offers services to family caregivers in our service area (the 1856 treaty boundaries which includes the townships of Bartelme and Red Springs).  A 'Loan Closet' has items available for your use such as walkers, canes, commodes and wheelchairs.  These items can be used for as long as you need them but must be returned to the Elderly Center in good repair.


Respite care is also available to the primary caregiver.  The service will pay for respite care per week to a person of your choice.  The person will be compensated to come in and give the primary caregiver a break to run errands or have time off.  We have a small library of books and videos for the caregiver and their loved one to view.


Please call the Elderly Center for more information about what the family caregiver services may offer.

Elderly Services Available

  •  Congregate Meals – served Monday through Thursday at noon

    Friday Breakfast at 7:30 am to 10 am

    Elders donation of $1.00 is welcomed

  • Home-Delivered Meals (within the original boundaries of Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation) This includes the townships of Bartelme and Red Springs. Contact the Elderly Services Manager for eligibility information at 793-4236.
  • Transportation
  • Elderly Benefit Specialist
  • Elder Visitor
  • Activities/Recreation
  • Transportation – transport to and from the meal site on daily basis
  • Transport to bank, grocery store, tribal businesses
  • Weekly (Fridays) to Shawano for shopping
  • Once monthly to Green Bay, Wausau or other surrounding cities
  • Assist Medical Transportation Department when needed
  • Activities/Recreation – Special one day trips, Overnight trips, dinner outings Bingo, Crafts, Card and board games, Special events (Holiday parties), Packer Parties and monthly Newsletter the “Elderly Stream".

Aging & Disability Resource Center - Wolf River Region

The Aging and Disability Resource Center of the Wolf River Region provides no-cost information and assistance to services that affect the elderly or people with a disability.  Our professional staff will help you and your family find the information and assistance you need for services in your area.  Our services can be provided at one of our offices, on the phone or in your own home.

Some of the services that the ADRC can offer are:


  • Information and assistance to help maintain your independence through supportive services
  • Access to publicly funded long-term care programs such as the Community Options Program
  • Prevention programs
  • Early intervention programs
  • Connection to services that you can apply for such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), FoodShare and Medicare


Information and Assistance Specialists can speak to you about resources including health and wellness services, adult protective services, nutrition and publicly-funded long-term care services.  Knowledgeable staff can assist you by exploring options and evaluating choices that are available when considering making decisions.  Local resource center offices are available in your area.

Contact Information

(715) 793-4236

(715) 793-4238

N8651 Maplewood St
Bowler, WI 54416


Stephanie Bowman

Aging & Disability Services Area Manager

(715) 793-3044


Melissa Penass

Elderly Services Manager

(715) 793-4000


Elderly Services Manager is responsible for the overall operation of the Stockbridge-Munsee Elderly Services program. The program provides support and assistance to the elderly. The program is under the direction of Aging & Disability Services.The program employees are Manager, Assistant  Manager, Cook, Bus driver, Elder Visitor and Elderly Benefit Specialist.

Nikki Bowman

Assistant Manager

(715) 793-4236


The Assistant Manager assists in the overall operation of the Elderly Center activities and assumes the responsibilities of the Elderly Services Manager in their absence.

Jamie Mattingly

Elders Visitor


Elder Home Visitor visits each and every tribal elder at least one time during a calendar year. The Visitor will assess family needs and make appropriate referrals and follow-up. The Visitor may visit to alleviate loneliness and/or assist an elder with a light chore or housekeeping. Elders are visited at least one time per calendar year, either by phone or home visit.

DeAnna DeNasha

Elderly Benefit Specialist/ADRC Resource Specialist

(715) 793-4237


Elder Benefit Specialists (EBS) help answer questions and solve problems related to Social Security, Medicare, health insurance and benefits specifically available to Tribal Elders residing in the original boundaries of the reservation. They serve Tribal Elders ages 55+ and all other Elders 60 and over.


ADRC Resource Specialist-is a referral source for services available within the county to the Wolf River ADRC located in Shawano County. The Aging and Disability Resource Center of the Wolf River Region has staff that is professionally trained to assist you with your questions pertaining to support services at no cost. Information and Assistance Specialists can provide you with details on available options for services in the Menominee, Oconto, Shawano and Stockbridge-Munsee Community areas. They are trained to help you assess these options with your unique set of circumstances in mind.

Bethann Molkentin

Activities Coordinator

(715) 793-4240


Activity Coordinator works in conjunction with the SM Elderly Steering Committee to plan, coordinate and carry out recreational and educational activities for the elders. Coordinator works under the direct supervision of the Aging & Disability Services Area Manager.

Darwin Martin

Bus Driver

Bus Driver transports elders to and from the congregate meal site, delivers meals to the homebound, scheduled shopping trips and other planned activities and/or events. Duties also include relaying information on the needs and interests of the elderly to the program manager and makes home visits to elders residing in the service area as needed.

Brandon Merckes & Anita Miller


Cook duties include planning, purchase, storage, preparation and serving of meals to the elderly.

Mark Shepard

Elderly Services Worker