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 The Elderly Center will be providing transportation for Elders to the Tribal Elections on October 13th, 2018. To sign up for a ride please call 715-793-4236

 2018 Tribal Primary Election Results

Tribal Vice Chairman

Jolene Bowman-151

Matthew Putnam-140

Martin Welch-110

Tribal Council Members

Seralee Azzolina-68

Samuel Dommer-75

Gregg Duffek-90

Craig Kroening Jr-176

Marv Malone-92

Yvette Malone-85

Alan AJ Miller JR-59

Chad Miller-129

Greg Miller-91

Wallace Miller-96

Clifton Pecore-88

Jeremy Mohawk-123

Sterling Schreiber-133

Blake Smith-89

William Terrio-86

Robert Vele-82

Scott Vele-94

28 write ins

Total number of voters: 270

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