Mission Statement

The Mission of the Environmental Department is to use the latest science-based technology to observe, monitor, and manage our reservation land, air, water, minerals, and animals, in order to ensure diversity and purity of our natural resources.


The Environmental Department works in collaboration with the Ecology, Forestry, Conservation and Land Management Departments in an effort to protect, maintain, and improve our natural resources and the environment. Our goal in the Environmental Department is to address the social and ecological dimensions of our natural resources in order to improve environmental sustainability and promote the well-being of our community.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Environmental Department is to follow both cultural and scientific methods to develop ways to live sustainably within our natural resources and the environment for future generations to come.

Contact Information


(715) 793-5097


N8502 MohHeConNuck Rd.

Bowler, WI 54416


Antoinette Tourtillott

Environmental Program Coordinator

(715) 793-4363


Makena Arndt

Natural Resource Technician

(715) 793-4819