Family Services


The Stockbridge Family Center/Family Services Program seeks to provide educational programming, healthy family and youth activities, tutoring services, fitness and direct services to families and individuals of the Stockbridge Munsee Community. We believe that strong families are vital to the wellbeing of the individual and community as a whole.


We strive to deliver enriching programs in a safe and nurturing environment, to motivate leadership, self-awareness, respect and responsibility. By drawing the community strength, we can foster positive growth and change.

We understand the importance of our Native American culture and spirituality as we take part in creating and sustaining a strong, healthy community. To fulfill our mission, the following services are offered:


  • Fitness -cardio and weight room
  • Recreation activities
  • Youth Education Program (after school care grades k-12th)
  • Community / Family Events
  • Self-Care Education- HIV, STD, AIDS
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Independent living skills for adults and teens
  • Domestic Violence victim services
  • Sexual Assault victim services.

Fitness Center - Steven Duffek and Anthony Sullivan

Starting March 1st the MFC Gym will be open Monday - Friday 6:00am - 8:00pm

The Mohican Family Center fitness staff strives to provide our community with a positive and productive environment in which our members can achieve their health and fitness goals. To help our members achieve those goals we continue to provide a variety of services.


Fitness Center hours of operation are Monday through Friday 6am to 7:45 pm. Mohican Family Center has a very welcoming fitness staff available. Our staff has two certified Personal trainers. We are willing to help increase your knowledge and your safety of exercise. We can offer you many things such as programs specifically made for you, spotters on all pieces of equipment and knowledge of different exercises for specific muscle groups. We also offer fitness assessments and tests.


Equipment available:

Leg press/hack squat

Leg curl (seated or lying)

Bench Press

Cable cross-over

Lat pull down

Assisted pull-up/dip


Bosh balls

balance boards


Medicine balls

Resistance bands

Swiss Exercise balls


Agility ladder

Polymeric Ring





Recreation Activities- Cheryl Piper, Jadin Parker and Jani Webster

Community services workers plan day to day activities for youth and their families and welcome visitors and volunteers to participate in the events

Activities include:

  • Table Games
  • Card games
  • Sewing classes
  • Field Trips         
  •  Family Nights
  • Native American Games
  • Regalia making
  • Community Events 

Youth Edcuation Program- Linda Rudesill, Rikki Gulbronson and Trinity Malone

The Youth Education Program (YEP) starts the first day of school and is for youth in kindergarten through 12th grade. The youth participate in activities, fitness, prevention lessons, gym and outside time, crafts and other fun activities and are provided with nutritious snacks.


There is no charge to participate in any of the activities offered at the Mohican Family Center. Current medical forms, permission slips and registration forms are required for participation for all youth.


Monthly calendars and monthly newsletter are available and located in the lobby of the Mohican Family Center.


For more information, please contact and Community Services members they will be happy to assist you!

Tutoring Services- Skylar Hill

Tutoring services will be available four days a week within the locate schools and after school at the Mohican Family Center. Tutors will be responsible for intensive one on one tutoring to students from the Stockbridge Munsee Community who attend in person school, home school or online schooling.


Tutors will monitor youth progress and meet with teachers and parents to discuss any particular concerns.

Direct Services to Individuals and Families- Joleen Kroening

The Family Services program provides services to low income, domestic violence victims, sexual assault victims, Youth services and Child care. The goal of the Family Services Program to promote self-sufficiency, promote positive development and prevention for youth, child care services to provide short term child care and respite care service. Counseling, advocacy and support to help victims and survivors heal from trauma related to abuse.

Services include:

  • Job Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Budgeting
  • Setting Goals
  • Resources and Referrals
  • Safety Planning
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Community Activities
  • Counseling
  • Court Advocacy
  • Transportation
  • Home Visits
  • Employment training
  • Independent living skills
  • Client Services
  • Emergency service
  • Parenting education

Self-Care Education- Trinity Malone

Community Services worker provides education on Sexually Transmitted Disease, HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis. Free condoms, and other resources.


Emergency Shelter Services- Joleen Kroening

 The Stockbridge Munsee Community recognizes that community members who experience homelessness have a need for emergency shelter. The emergency shelter program is designed as a short-term solution to a long-term problem. The program will provide immediate relief while a long-term plan of action is developed on behalf of the individual or family in need. The Family services has two three-bedroom homeless shelters located on the Reservation. The homeless shelter will service tribal members and other members of the community if it is their intent to move back to the community

Contact Information


(715) 793-4889


N8705 MohHeConNuck Rd.

Bowler, WI 54416


Kori Price


(715) 793-4905

Joe Miller

Security Officer

(715) 793-4082

Joleen Kroening

Client Services Adovocate

(715) 793-4863

Cheryl Pieper

Community Service Worker Recreation

(715) 793-4080

Trinity Malone

Community Service Worker

Youth Education

(715) 793-4080

Linda Rudesill

Community Service Worker
Youth Education

(715) 793-4085

Rikki Gulbronson

Community Services Worker
Youth Education

(715) 793-4085

Jadin Parker

Community Services Worker
Youth Education

(715) 793-4906

Lakeisha Williams

Events Coordinator

(715) 793-4906

Jani Webster

Community Services Worker
Youth Education

(715) 793-4906

Skylar Hill

Community Services Worker

(715) 793-4807

Anthony Sullivan

Community Service Worker Recreation

(715) 793-4082

Steven Duffek

Community Services Worker

(715) 793-4803