Information & Guidelines

AhTohWuk Court Apartments

We have 2 apartment buildings that have 6 two-bedroom apartments in each building. These apartments are open to the public for occupancy.


Completed applications will be placed on a waiting list. These are not low income apartments. Rent and security deposits are currently $525.00 but can change per Council Directive. We verify past land lord information, credit history, income and criminal background.


There is a 6 month lease required that renews to a year.


Amenities: garage, AC, secured building and shared laundry.


AhTohWuk Court Application

Elderly/Disabled Emergency Assistance

Assists elders and/or disabled persons with repairs to the structure of their home.


Elderly/Disabled Emergency Assistance Policy/Application

Emergency Tribal Well & Septic

Assists tribal members with repairs to wells and/or septic. This program does not cover interior plumbing, plumbing lines, or pressure tanks inside and out.


Emergency Tribal Well & Septic Program Policy/Application

IHS Well & Septic

Assist tribal members in Shawano County with a new well and/or septic for a new home.


IHS Policy/Application

Low Income Apartments

A family must qualify according to national median income under NAHASDA guidance. Current guidance can be seen in the Housing Office.


Families that provide a complete application and verification of custody/placement of children under 18 years of age with required enrollment information, social security cards, and birth certificates for children under 18 years of age will have their name placed on the waiting list based on the size of their family. 


The DCH verifies information provided by the applicant; income, household, past Landlord reports, and a Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Program. The court report is examined because the Federal Law states a person can be denied housing for certain criminal activities.


All selected tenants are required to abide by all policies of the DCH in addition to the Stockbridge-Munsee Housing Law and Public Peace and Good Order Ordinance. Evictions and grievances are heard through the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Court.


Low Income Apartment Application

Low Income Rental Program: Admission & Occupancy Policies

Low Income Homebuyer Program

Persons interested in the homebuyer program are required to apply and must be an enrolled Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal member that is eligible to hold a land assignment.


A family must qualify according to nation median income under NAHASDA guidance.  Homebuyers are required to pay for all costs related to the home. This includes the monthly house payment, heat, electricity, and all maintenance and repairs. The DCH does not provide any assistance or maintenance to homebuyers.


The DCH verifies information provided by the applicant and completed applications are placed on the waiting list.


The DCH updates Homebuyer information when a home or unit becomes available for either new construction or a used home.


Low Income Homebuyer Program Application

Other Programs & Resources

In addition to managing low-income apartments, the low-income homebuyer program, and the public apartments, the Division of Community Housing (DCH) is responsible for managing other programs and resources.

Tribal Rental Homes

These two homes are not low income. Preference policy is the same as low income apartments. Also, we verify information such as income, household, past landlord  and the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Program. Completed application will be put on a waiting list.


Tribal Rental Homes Application

Tribal Rental Homes Admission and Occupancy Policies